Radmarathon Eddy Merckx Classic in Fuschl am See
Radmarathon Eddy Merckx Classic in Fuschl am See

Handbike / Kickbiker

Handbiker and Kickbikers at Eddy Merckx Classic

Since 2017, the Eddy Merckx Classic Bike Marathon has not only featured handbikers but also pedal-scooters. This year there will again be a starting place for both groups. We are pleased about numerous registrations!


This year we invite all handbikers and scooters to participate in the Eddy Merckx Classic Racing Bike Marathon! Not only the sporting challenge should be supported, but also the charity organization Wings for Life!

This year, scooters and handbikers will again be judged separately. The scooters we are talking about here are real racing machines: 28 inch wheels with racing tires, light frames and good brakes are the ingredients for competitive sports. 

Participation is free for handbikers. For handbikers the same starting fees apply as for participants of the Everyman Pleasure Tour as well as the tracks of the racing bike marathon!

Which tracks are there for these starting groups?

  • 37 KM Jedermann pleasure tour
  • 63 KM short track of bicycle marathon

Here is the registration form for handbikers and scooters separately.