Radmarathon Eddy Merckx Classic in Fuschl am See
Radmarathon Eddy Merckx Classic in Fuschl am See

Everybodys Pleasure Tour

Jedermann pleasure tour

The Eddy Merckx Classic is a bike event for everyone. We want to emphasize the sporty thought and minimize the stress and competition thought. This is the reason why we organize a bike touristic tour, called “Jedermann” pleasure tour, since 2018. The route is 37 km long and has 580 altitude meters.

To minimize the competition thought, we don’t have an official timekeeping at the “Jedermann” pleasure tour, but we still list the times for everybody alphabetically listed after the last names.

At the long (168km), middle (101km) and short (62km) distance we’ll have an official timekeeping as well as a ceremony.

NEW: You can drive with any bike type, but it has to be suitable for the street by law StVo 1960 (traffic regulation rules). 

All other services are the same like the last years. The only thing which changes is that you have enough time to enjoy the landscape. 

The last refreshment station is organised by Hotel Mohrenwirt. Here you can enjoy a good atmosphere with music, comfortable seating, food and drinks. A direct access to the lake gives you the possibility to jump into the cool water to continue the bike tour.

At the finish there is a big pasta party for every participant. Don't forget your voucher.

Rennradgruppe und Handbiker am Fuschlsee

The following services are included with the price: 

  • Accreditation with delivery of the start package consisting of: Give aways, start number, noodle voucher and much more
  • Food and drinks at the finish and on the rout
  • Sings for the entire route with clearly visible Eddy Merckx Classic signs
  • Ambulance with paramedics through the Salzburg Red Cross for further care and transport of injured persons
  • Permanent contact with the local rescue control centres and rescue stations for possible supply and transport in the event of major accidents
  • Mobile track team for advance warning of car traffic
  • Closing vehicle for shielding the rear drivers from the traffic
  • Technical service
  • Photo service for the participants (pictures have to be paid)
  • Cycle festival for participants and visitors in Fuschl am See